Classroom Management Essay

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Classroom Management

1. Describe and critically discuss the major features of the main approaches to behaviour management the Porter (2007) describes in her text.

2. Critically review the appropriateness of each model to Australian Primary or Secondary School settings.


Classroom management is a highly emotive and at times spurious phrase. It conjures up many images and experiences in which there are abundant publications bursting with competing theories, applications and never-ending analysis. Google the phrase and over 100,000 pages are listed with various approaches that range from common sense applications to profound theoretical dissertations on the subject (50 ways to handle the difficult class, 10
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The Victorian government offers provisions for classroom management under the heading of Student Engagement Policy Guidelines[3] in which schools are required to develop their own policy, and these guidelines “... aim to assist schools in developing their Student Engagement Policy”.

As well there is a Student Wellbeing Policy, a Student Attendance - It’s Not OK To Be Away and a Respectful Relationships Education provision. These guidelines are well intentioned and do offer online resources and proformas, but it does not address “the capacity of each student to manage her/his own behaviour” [4] The Respectful Relationships is aligned with VicHealth which appears to have its violence policy grounded in a ‘violence against women’ policy.[5]

The positives are that classroom management policy development within the Victorian government Education policy is an ongoing process with general needs being considered by consistent data collection. A regular review process aims to deliver better outcomes for all the school community, though teachers need to have more input into shaping these policies rather than merely data collecting, as the bureaucratic interpretive processes would be self-limiting.

The Victorian policies align more with Porter’s Choice theory and the Neo-adlerian strategy as individual whole school communities are part of the process with an implied preventative strategy, and there is encouragement and some

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