City Of Gary V. Smith & Wesson Corp Essays

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Product Liability Essay
City of Gary v. Smith & Wesson Corp
Plaintiff: In this particular case, the party who initiated the lawsuit was the city of Gary, Indiana, by its mayor, Scott L. King, with the intention of obtaining both injunctive relief and monetary compensation for the harm allegedly caused by the unlawful marketing and distribution of handguns.
Manufacturers -Smith & Wesson Corp., Beretta USA Corp., Glock Corp, Charter Arms Corp., Hi-Point Firearms Corp., Navegar, Inc., Intratec USA Corp., Bryco Arms Corp., Phoenix Arms Corp., Lorcin Engineering Corp., Sturm, Ruger & Co. Corp., & Taurus Firearms Corp
Wholesaler -B.L. Jennings, Inc.
Distributers - Ameri-Pawn of Lake Station, Ink., Blythe Sports Shop, Inc., Cash Indiana, Inc., Jim Shema’s Outdoor Sports, and Westforth Sports, Inc.
The city’s main argument centers on manufacturers selling handguns to distributors, who then resell at wholesale to the dealers, who then re-sell it to the general public. However, it was stated many of the individuals who acquired the guns were prohibited by law from purchasing them. The city alleged the manufacturers knowingly sold to illegal buyers through intermediaries in “straw purchases” Furthermore, the city argued that dealers such as “Cash America”, “Ameri-Pawn”and “Blythe’s sporting goods” as well as manufacturers alike, could potentially change the illegal distribution system to prevent the unlawful sales but have intentionally failed to do so in order to obtain…

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