Cinderella Essay

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Human culture is filled with fairy tales. These fairies start out as simple but entertaining stories but as they get handed down from one generation to the next, they gradually become more than simply fairy tales. They grow and become bedtime stories for growing children as such play an important role in the children’s perception of the world and society in which they live in. One such popular fairy tale is (Cinderella, Cary & Anita, 52). It demonstrates that modern day fairy tales play a role in our society as subtle instructions for behaviors and morals that Children are supposed to follow. On the surface, it may come across as a very simple story on a young woman whose wishes eventually
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Her step sisters spent countless hours dressing up for the ball since they knew that their only value lay in their outward appearance. Even Cinderella, the narrative’s heroine is thrilled by the gift her fairy godmother gives her exclaiming that it was indeed beautiful and more than she had ever hoped for (Bartholomew, 63). In fact, as narrated, Prince Charming falls in love with her at first sight not necessarily because of her personality but due to the beauty that her new clothes gave her. This was evidenced in his bored reaction to the bevy of women that were paraded before him and his sudden interest in Cinderella prior to uttering a single word to her. Way before their first real interaction with one another, both are described to have found true love in one another. The message being passed across in at this stage a lady's worth is based on the manner in which she dresses and the way she looks, therefore, young impressionable girls who grow up listening and watching Cinderella may grow up obsessing over their outward appearance and how men will perceive them.
Marriage is another goal that women are conditioned to believe in. Cinderella holds up marriage as every single woman's dream regardless of the fact that the potential partner and husband is a complete stranger. Each of the step sisters was so excited, and they were already fantasizing about the prince

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