Essay on Christmas Day As A Religious Holiday

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Christmas is one of the world’s most celebrated Christian holidays in the entire world. It unites all Christians across the planet to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Son of God. This holiday holds a lot of religious importance in the Christianity fraternity. The official date for Christmas is usually the 25th of December. The primary focus of this paper will be to analyze every aspect of Christmas day and identify its importance to Christians and the entire globe. Christmas traditions of the United States will be accorded greater attention. It is important to first familiarize ourselves with the literal and the Christian meaning of Christmas Day as well as a brief history of this historic day.
What is Christmas Day? Christmas day is a religious holiday celebrated every year to remember the birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The official date for this holiday is December 25th of every year. Other terms used to describe this holiday is Nativity, Noel, Yule and Xmas. Christians highly regard this holiday as it holds a lot of significance in their Christian faith. It is on this day that they commemorate the birth of their Savior Jesus Christ at Bethlehem. During this day, Christians hold a feast to mark the halfway mark of the liturgical year. Christmas day popularity in the planet has facilitated its acceptance by even the non-Christian community. Most countries in the world have accepted this day to be a civil holiday. Businesses and…

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