Christianity, Judaism, And Christianity Essay

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What the main religions share the most is their understanding that they must follow a higher deity, and in doing so will achieve a place with them in heaven or nirvana. But that 's hard to achieve when most students don 't have a full set knowledge of the principles of that religion save for what they may hear once or twice every week or so. Not only that, but they lack knowing just exactly how it is true that all religions are connected in some significant way. For instance, the three most influential religions in our world today, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are connected in more ways than most parents or teachers give the student credit for knowing. One of the things that connect them all is that they are all sometimes referred to as 'Abrahamic religions ', just because they can easily trace their history back to Abraham in the Hebrew bible. More so, Judaism is heavily associated with Christianity in the fact that both follow the bible and though Judaism is looked at more little than Christianity it still has a sense of popularity, founded almost around the same time as Christianity. Both follow the ethics of their being a god, the only differences being that whereas with Christianity they have Jesus Christ and with Judaism they do not have the son of god and refer to him only as Allah. Another thing they share is how they are both of the Old Testament, something promoted by both of their religious sects. Proving this as all the more reason as to why it is alright…

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