Essay about Christianity And Its Impact On Society

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As Philip Jenkins shares in “The Next Christianity,” Christianity as a whole is seen as the beginning of a reformation in the twenty-first century; religion is beginning to replace ideology in the human affairs such as politics, war, and nationhood. Jenkins also points out that electronic media is having a powerful impact on how people are acting religiously, much like the printing press was a major influence to the people in the 1500s. Jenkins describes this in that “Northern communities will move to ever more decentralized and privatized forms of faith as Southerners maintain older ideals of community and traditional authority.”
Christianity as a worldwide reference is moving towards supernaturalism and neo-orthodoxy, which is near the worldview expressed in the New Testament. While Christianity is changing in a worldly point of view, Southern Christianity has many characteristics that make it different from Northern Christianity.
Southern Christianity is seen more conservative when being compared to Northern Christianity, specifically in theology and moral teachings. This can be seen throughout the article when discussing the demographics of each type of Christianity, cultural drifts, as well as the differences in issues such as homosexuality and abortion, as well as how these differences lead to a point of view similar with the church in the Middle Ages.
When speaking of cultural gaps, Jenkins points out an instance in Vancouver, Canada between Moses Tay and the local…

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