China Color Tv Market Analysis Essay

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[Abstract] With the homogenization of color TVs become increasingly serious shortcomings of the traditional marketing channels emerge and accept the challenge, which requires color TV enterprises must begin marketing channel Marketing channel structure and function in areas such as channel improvements and options channel mode. This paper reviews the Marketing channels of China's color TV enterprises the change process, analyze the reasons for change the channel and proposed channel Marketing channel strategy for a Time of Change home appliances. [Keywords:] change color TV industry Marketing channels One of China's color TV industry, the changing course of Marketing channels 1.1 The reform …show more content…
This phase of the color TV sales channels mainly to demonstrate the following characteristics: (1) intense competition makes the market, the mainstream color TV channels - state-run store to change the mode of operation. State-owned department stores through rented premises, rent collection, and apportionments salesperson, to the color TV manufacturers shift business risks. (2) color TV commercial functions in the mainstream channels to give up making more and more color TV manufacturers a competitive advantage for access to and direct involvement of the terminal, distribution channels, say, breaking flat characteristics. As the number of intensive cultivation of the brand's success, color TV manufacturers are no longer the network expansion, the terminal functions of promotion to the dealer. Some brand-building shops, some of the brand directly to in-depth level, county or township building network of terminals. (3) private color TV dealer in the fierce market competition, gradually emerged and has achieved sales of home appliances market, the right to speak. In recent years, with Gome, Suning Appliance, represented by the rapid development of chain enterprises is to become the biggest bright spot during this period, known as the home appliance channel 'Yetai revolution'. (4) international large-scale commercial

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