Characters Of ' The Brightest Witch Of Her Age ' And ' Bella Swan '

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Young girls are impressionable, which pushes the idea that the books they read should include characters that it would be beneficial to imitate. Characters like Anastasia Steele and Bella Swan, however, are problematic because they are female characters who are defined by, and submissive to the male characters of their respective books. While Hermione Granger is not the sole center of the Harry Potter series, she is central to them. Hermione is never portrayed as a static entity as many Disney princesses are, but rather, a complex character who emulates a positive, feminist role model that many teenage girls can look up to. Young girls are often imprinted with the idea that accommodation should be a cherished feminine characteristic, yet Hermione Granger remains unapologetic for her intelligence. She is addressed by both Sirius and Lupin as the “brightest witch of her age” and she is not ashamed to prove it. While her know-it-all-ness causes her to be a social outcast; Snape often criticizes her for being insufferable and Ron even suggests it 's the reason she has no friends. Hermione refuses to change, however, especially not to impress some boy. It is seen in more than one occasion that without Hermione 's intelligence, Harry and Ron would both be dead. The friendship between Harry and Hermione, proves that boys and girls can maintain close-knitted friendships without it being anything more than just that. Hermione is a partner to Harry, often getting him out of tricky…

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