Censorship And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Nowadays, Internet becomes the most important thing in our life. Using mobile phone, computer, even game consoles, we need the Internet to connect with people to communicate all around the world while many unlimited information are shared in the Internet. Internet censorship is an important topic for users, which means the information and ideas are controlled within the society. Therefore, some of them are censored and not all can easily accessible online. The organization, even the government filter and regulate that for many reasons. This topic has influenced many people that handling both general and commercial activities, no matter it is concerned positively and negatively. In this paper, I am going to discuss about how the Censorship can work positively but it can also be a detriment to society.

Internet Censorship Method
Zuchora-Walske (2010, p.56) stated that people like to be a body of the public and be useful in different areas unrestrictedly through the freedom of expression by the methods of publishing their own ideas on their interested topics. The mostly used method of censorship is blocking the online contents and it can be used at home, institutional, even at national. The public usually is denied to connect to some particular information. For example, the pornographic websites are blocked in school libraries computers and school networks.

The most currently popular censor method is Domain Name System (DNS) redirection (Khanna, Dhingra &…

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