Essay about Cell Phones Affect Our Society

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From an environmental view point, cell phones can affect our society in various ways. For instance, the debate on whether or not to include cell phones in schools has been going on for a long time., Sso much has happened to prove that cell phones (or any other electronic device for that matter) are suitable for classrooms. Recently, schools across the United States have begun to establish BYOD (or Bring Your Own Device) (BYOD), where students can bring their phones to use while class is in session. Students bring cell phones, tablets, laptops, and anything electronic and accessible that will help them to do work. Many teachers are fitting these devices into their lesson plans, using them to make learning more effective. According to a study at the Pew Research Center, 73% of teachers who teach an Advanced Placement or National Writing Projects course say that their students use their phones of other electronic devices to complete almost all of their assignments (Higgins.). Apps have been created to assist students in doing

homework or receiving tutoring on a particular subject. For instance, Edmodo is an educational version of Facebook that allows teachers to create a page where homework and quizzes can be submitted and students can keep in contact with one another. i5 is a program available on the Apple App Store that students can purchase to study for standardized testing in advanced placement courses. is also a helpful tutoring app which allows students to…

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