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Communication driven
An evolution from ‘information’ to ‘improvement’
Mahindra Farm Equipment has implemented a unique method to Reach-Out to its employees resulting in high employee engagement and effective communication.
Mahindra Farm Equipment, a major SBU of Mahindra & Mahindra, considers it human resource to be a vital element in the success of its business. Mahindra Farm Equipment believes that effective communication is most important and it is its key driver of employee engagement amongst others. The organization has researched widely and proven to add significant value to the organization on all metrics from productivity to customer satisfaction. In fact Mahindra Farm Equipment not only recognizes the value it brings but
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An analysis was done and thereafter the conclusion was drawn that the organizational culture didn’t support a two way communication and even the senior management of the sector was not fully informed and involved in the business operations. Hence, a need was felt to create a platform for a two way communication and enhance employee engagement.
Hereon, the president of the sector decided to launch an initiative named Reach-Out in July 2006, a unique communication initiative that was and even today is received with great enthusiasm and encouragement across the organization.

Reach-Out Communication System
The main objectives of the Reach-Out Communication system are provide bottom-up system for communication which people would be comfortable with; respond to employees with information and action; involve senior management in dealing with employee issues, concerns, and angst; and ensure that everybody has a common understanding of the vision and strategy, operational plans, new businesses, progress, priorities, and challenges.
To make the system operational a new mail ID ( was created for employees to express their concern, issues or suggestions they have for the senior management. The salient features of the email system are any employee can send an e-mail to the mail ID; the mails are accessed and answered only by the president (excluding his secretary to executive

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