Case Study : Signed Applets Essay

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3.2.3 Case Study: Signed Applets

1) What prompts normal people to take this action and exposing themselves to the malware risk?
Many times people cannot pass up the opportunity to obtain something free on the internet. In addition to that, if it’s free or looks interesting (for example the case study stated that the “Big Ad” was constructed to appear, “very big, looked very expensive and impressive.”) people will share the information.
2) What current websites have clones (name both)? You will need to Google/misspell about and find out.
I am not sure what the second website is, but I was redirected when I typed in I also found, but I don’t believe it is the second site that you are speaking of.
3) Explain how malware works and provide insights to possible malware files from your PC? What had your antivirus program prevented or warned you about? You will need to state your antivirus program, provide log images or the file and reference and play digital detective.
Malware comes from an infected site or email and hijacks a user’s browser. In the case study, the author examines how a user’s PC and information can become compromised by the user trusting a certificate before running or by logging onto websites with similar domain names (clone sites).
Previously my Norton antivirus has warned me about tracking cookies, as well as Trojan attacks. I was able to obtain some of the logs from my antivirus scan history:
Filename: Tracking…

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