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1. What are the facilitating developments that have allowed health care to start globalizing?
- Health care and health insurance in the U.S. is becoming ever more expensive
- Educational opportunities in the medical field are expanding for people from other countries
- Travel is relatively inexpensive and very fast
- Communications technologies allow information to be shared almost instantly around the world

2. Who benefits from the globalization of health care? Who are the losers? Patients who are uninsured or underinsured definitely benefit because they can potentially avoid crippling medical bills for the care they need. Insurance companies may also benefit due to not having to pay such large amounts for domestic
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If a patient can get as good or better treatment in a foreign country at a fraction of the cost of care in the U.S., then for the individual globalization is a good thing, and the numbers we see in the reading back that up. It also says something about the state of affairs here in our country when a person leaves to seek medical care elsewhere. In addition, this should also indicate that health care is potentially improving around the world, which is of course a good thing as well.
1. What are the facilitating developments that have allowed health care to start globalizing?
A: The decline in barriers of free flow of health care services /capital has facilitated and allowed health care to start globalizing. The cost of medical services in other countries (i.e., Mexico, India, Singapore) generally run from 20-35% of cost for the same procedure in the United States. Many people find it far cheaper to fly abroad to get treatment versus the high cost of medical care in the United States and the quality of care is often comparable to what they would receive in the U.S.A. This creates opportunities for health care providers in other countries to grow their business, for U.S. insurance companies to lower their costs by agreeing to pay for treatment in accredited hospital overseas, and for health brokers in the U.S.A. who make money arranging for U.S. citizens to have treatment overseas, and benefits health

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