Essay Case Analysis 1: Apple

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Some of Apple’s biggest successes include such products as: * Macintosh: Released in 1984, it became the first computer to integrate two elements we are all familiar with in computers today: GUIs and mice. Drag-and-drop was introduced to the world at large on the Macintosh, as was the concept of folders, file icons, and a trash can on the computer screen. * Pixar: Steve Jobs bought Pixar in 1986 from Lucasfilm. He originally wanted to use the company to help develop graphics-rendering hardware and software, but as it evolved into an animation studio, a deal with Disney to produce fully-CG feature-length family films wound up in a series of blockbusters, awards, and mountains of cash. Today Pixar, now owned fully by Disney, is one …show more content…
* Apple Newton MessagePad: Despite the prevalence of smartphones and tablets in today’s world, the Newton (released in 1993) overreached its market at the time. It was unique in its handwriting recognition technology, but it was large, drained battery life quickly, and had a difficult-to-read screen. Some innovations from the Newton live on in today’s iPhone and iPad. * Macintosh Performa Series: In the early 1990s, Apple’s then-CEO Michael Spindler wanted to break away from Apple’s image of elitist, pricey computers and market something to lower income brackets. However, the Performa that emerged from this desire was underpowered, flimsy, and prone to failure, but still cost more than a cheap PC. When Steve Jobs took the position of CEO back in 1997, he cancelled the Performa line and held it up as an example of why Apple to this day avoids the low-end PC, tablet, and smartphone market.

Steve Jobs built three key elements into Apple’s culture during his time as its CEO: simplicity, elegance, and innovation. These core values are the main reason why Apple products during and since Jobs’s leadership have been consistently excellent, and why their customers can walk into any Apple store and have almost the same experience. The teams within Apple buy into a defined set of values, are passionate about delivering a proper experience to each customer, and they hire with that same culture in mind. In addition, in recent years Apple has

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