Essay on Carlson Companies

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Case Study 3: Carlson Companies

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May 23, 2013
Assess how the Carlson SAN approach would be implemented in today’s environment.
Like many IT staff faced with exponential storage growth, Norman Owens realized a few years back that his company was headed for a challenge if it did not start consolidating its storage resources onto a storage area network (SAN). Owens, a storage network engineer and consultant with Carlson Companies, spoke to an audience of his peers at Storage Decisions 2003 recently about his company's consolidation efforts. (While not necessarily a household name, Carlson Companies is an international presence behind such well-known
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While the current implementation meets most of the company's needs and had some surprise benefits to help them incorporate other of the company's application data, Owens said they still need to address some remaining issues, such as capacity and scalability issues. "We're not always sure we have the right ports in the right places," he said. They have also begun looking at director-class switches to help handle the sheer size of their current SAN infrastructure. His group is also still grappling with organizational issues that impact the growth of the SAN, such as departmental reluctance to hand over the management of their storage, and the Wintel group's continued interest in exploring more of an iSCSI-based solution.
Compare the pros and cons of consolidating data on a SAN central data facility versus the dispersed arrangement it replaces.
Consolidating data on a SAN has its positives and negatives. One positive is that data are now stored in one server versus in multiple servers which will make it easier to secure the data. Also only a single backup of the data will be required, and costs will be reduced in man as well as machine hours. Another plus for the SAN is in data integrity. With multiple servers storing data, data could be updated in one server but not another, and as a result, different information could be disseminated throughout the company, and could have negative impacts

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