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Professor Valdez 5/21/15
My Observation Paper Children are not easy to take care of but going to observe them really showed me the hard job that teachers have over the span of 10 months. Over the length of my essay, I will discuss my own observation that I had to do of a classroom, how the children acted during my visit, and an important topic in education which is multi-cultural diversity which is present in almost every classroom all over the country. For my observation, I visited a 1st grade classroom in my old school which is Yeshiva Derech HaTorah. I attended this school from 1st to 12th grade so it just me made me want
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The transitions in this classroom is handles very well by the teacher and the students in the sense that the children calm down and go get their books and supplies that are needed for the activity. Transition is tough because children always get wild between two activities but in the classroom that I visited, everything was handled very well and the children were very engaged and interested in all the activities that the teacher does. All these activities actually motivated me because if they are only 1st graders, and they have that much energy during school is a big wake up call for me to be motivated in my studies through my years in college. A big issue in our schooling systems is the issue of teaching classrooms with multi-cultural backgrounds. Now even though it was a Jewish school that I visited and all the kids were Jewish, the multi-cultural diversity that was present was in both backgrounds and in language. I’m speaking about this because diversity is usually in background and in language and both were present in my observation. I’m stating this because there was diversity in the sense that the teacher spoke 2 different languages to the children, and surprisingly the children understand both. Most of the day in this school is spent teaching Hebrew but English is also spoken to them. The background diversity that occurs in the classroom is the

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