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Running head: CAMPUS VIOLENCE 1

Campus Violence has escalated since the Massacre at UT Berketa L. Livingston Liberty University Online ENGL-104 April 3, 2013

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CAMPUS VIOLENCE 3 The U.S. first encounter with Campus Violence It was a normal day for the students and faculty at the University of Texas. August 1, 1966 would be America’s first encounter with campus violence. According to the history of this event, an ex-Marine by the name of Charles Whitman, the twenty-five year old former student climbed up to the top of the University of Texas Tower opening fire using three rifles, two pistols and a sawed off shotgun on its students and faculty. After Whitman’s killing spree 43 people had been shot, 13 of who died. However before this massacre Whitman earlier that morning murdered his mother and his wife. He was said to have been the pillar of his community, an excellent marine and a strong believer of God, according to people who knew him saw no signs that Whitman was capable of such a horrific act. Before the murders, Whitman had been complaining of searing headaches and depression (Lavergne, 1997), Whitman was gunned down by an Austin police officer that afternoon. American had never encountered such an act until Whitman opened the doors to mass murders on a college campus. America had not seen the last of campus violence This next event of

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