Essay on Calorie Management

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Calorie Management by Team A

PRG/211 - Algorithms and Logic for Computer Programming
June 29, 2015

Calorie Management
With rising obesity rates all across the United States of America, the team felt that it was necessary to build a program that could help citizens make healthier decisions and track those decisions on a day-to-day basis. The team set out to create a program that could manage and track a person’s daily calorie expended as it compares to their calorie intake. This program allows the consumers of the application be more conscientious of the choices they make as to how often they workout and what they choose to eat.
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The importance of the setup module is to provide a place for all of the necessary information that we plan to gather to be stored throughout the program. This information is available throughout the program and can be called upon at any time. After the setup module, we move to the input data module.
The Input Data Module
The input module is used to prompt the user for the information needed during the entire program. For each input prompt, a pre-test while loop is used for input validation, which also shows the user an error message stating that the input is not valid. Upon invalid entry, the program will prompt the user again to re-enter the requested information. The concept works to prevent the issues that come with the concept of ‘garbage in, garbage out’ (GIGO). GIGO is the concept that states that computers and programs cannot tell the difference between data that is good or bad, so that the programming must prepare for it (Gaddis, 2010). After the input data module, we move to the process data module.
The Process Data Module
The process data module is where all of the information from the input data module is compiled, and the required calculations will be made. We begin by adding up all of the calories consumed for the day, as well as calculate the calories that are expended. To calculate the calories expended, we take the input from the user

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