Cafs Parenting and Caring Essay

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The children between four and eleven
Possible Negatives
This might affect them if they are in an environment such as school that is predominantly filled with children in nuclear families. They might wonder what is wrong with their family; feel inadequate because they don’t understand. They only get to spend alternate weekends with their dad and half of the holidays. During these times the biological father might compensate by making them participate in some “fun” related activities, and so the children might not to get to know dad in the real sense of the word; they might even begin to see him as being more of an uncle and see their new stepfather as their real dad since they spend more time with him. Also, the children may experience
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She may feel guilty taking care and seeing her new husband’s children more often that she sees her own especially when they are away on holiday with their father. Conflict may erupt from different ways of doing activities. Nuclear families normally start with couple getting to know each other then children, but Mrs. Blogg and her new husband won’t get that opportunity
Possible Positives
-She may have gained two more daughters.
- A chance to start all over again with a new husband which
-May gain satisfaction from seeing her children in a less stressful environment
-Possibly more help from new teenagers in the house.
Possible Negatives
Because their dad is trying to form a new relationship with the new wife, the children may feel isolated because the new couple is spending so much time together and they might be jealous of that attention. The teenagers had also become used to being the only two children now there’s 5 of them so chances are the budgets been stretched They might get annoyed with the amount of money or attention being put on the other kids. They might even try to make the dad feel guilty by acting out or giving him attitude or the new wife. Possible Positives
• Glad that they have new siblings and also learn new skills taking care of them
• Happy to see their dad happy, and to have a new mother figure

Mr Bloggs
Possible Negatives
• He

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