Business Entities, Laws and Regulation Essay

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Business Entities, Laws, and Regulation
Danielle Carter
BUS 415
March 19, 2012
Frank Poe

Introduction For many companies to experience success, they should be able to come up with the experienced essential that will help them operate their businesses in the well-organized way as possible. Furthermore, there are ultimately three things that many companies need to pay attention of, for instance, taking control, liability and taxation issues. No business can ever be successful if they do not learn to stand by the rules or laws set that is exactly for their nature of business, and at the same time be understanding of the likely risks that are involved in their decisions. The construction company also needs to be aware of the laws
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Improper behaviors due to intoxicated state are unavoidable is an example of this business. The restaurant/bar just cannot stop serving liquors because of this reason, nonetheless, whatever happens inside the business place whether it concerns the goods they are selling or the behaviors of the people inside of the business, the company will always be liable for everything. In Lou and Jose’s case, it will just be better if they already prepare some precautionary measures for some unpleasant events that may happen out of their business. Another consideration in opening up the business is the acquirement of manpower. Civil Rights Act of 1964 requires fair considerations of all the applications that the company may receive. Once the owners have finally chosen the right candidates, they should come up with the list of regulations for the employees to view. Failure to follow certain regulations either by the employees or the business itself can lead to the foreclosing of the business. Business owners should always avoid misconducts mostly major ones such as sexual harassment, discrimination, racial discrimination, religion and ethnic disrespect, among others in the business. By guaranteeing a workplace that is free from such unfortunate incidents, customers and employees would then feel safe in their working environment.
Professional Practice A business that includes the

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