Business and the Economic Environment Essay example

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The two business’ selected by me to complete this criteria are Oxfam and MacDonald’s.
I will be explaining both types of each company and i will also explain the purpose of their existence and also describe their type of ownership.


Oxfam is a company that is run by people who are looking to do some voluntary work or also to get work experience. This company focuses more on raising money to help the less fortunate. They do this by simply gathering human resources from the company and set them on travelling spots or just regular places where people can pass by and generously give their money to this charity organisation. They also pay some shops to have little money savers so they can gather more income in different places. By
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Trustees are in a way the leaders of this organisation without these people Oxfam wouldn’t exist or be successful as it is. These people organise meetings and set the aims and objectives of this organisation. This company is just a simple example of many other voluntary companies’s all over the world.


MacDonald’s is a globally known company. MacDonald’s is known for the fast food restaurant, as the majority types of business’ this company focus more on the profit, this company gets income out of their own product. MacDonald’s mainly makes profit out of their fast food restaurant chains world wide, but this company also sells stuff other than food, Macdonald’s also likes to organise football events, usually this gathers the top teams in the world and the company pays a certain percentage to the stadium owners in order for the game to be run and collects the money tickets from the people who attended the game.

The main purpose of this company is to maximise its profits. This company is very well known and also very successful. This company does not make its profit out of one single place, MacDonald’s is a Public type of company who allows Franchisees to open their own firm under the name of Macdonald’s and also sell and promote Macdonald’s food. These people invest their money into MacDonald’s because they know about the quality of the product and also the public demand.

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