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Assignment 1: What Makes “The Container Store” the Best Place to Work and Why
Ralph L. Stout
BUS 322
July 26, 2015
Professor Issam Merhi

Assignment 1: What Makes “The Container Store” the Best Place to Work and Why

The Container Store established in 1978 with the goal of working towards creating retail store experiences that are unlike any other retail stores. The differentiated shopping experience offers the customers an innovative, time, and spacesaving solutions coupled with astonishing customer service from happy, welltrained, and wellpaid salespeople. This simple road map has rocketed past all expectations in the 35 years since.
The Container Store made the Forbes best company to work for 16 times in a row. The store
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To show the loyalty the company has toward its employees, the company did not lay off any workers during the 2008-2009 down turn in the economy, it instead froze salaries and its 401k plan to cut overhead and save jobs. During the economic downturn, the company had competitions to motivate their workers to find solutions to low sales and rewarded stores who had gains in sales no matter how small the amount.
To further streamline stores, the company decided to change the way it communicates with its members and customers alike. The Container Store partnered with Theatro’s employee communication solution to replace its aging walkie-talkie system. “The Container Store/Theatro relationship literally began with a PowerPoint presentation of an idea. It developed over the course of eighteen months into a pilot at a single store and is now in the initial stages of the rollout” (Baird, 2014). The Theatro system replaces the bulky handheld radios and is replaced by a small Wi-Fi enabled device that fastens to the employees pocket or a lanyard, the device is about the size of a matchbox. The system is used for in-store communication as well as real-time communications between other stores or even to the corporate office. A person needing information can send a request

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