Burning The Dangers Of Censorship Essay

1052 Words Nov 18th, 2014 5 Pages
Emily Barnard
Professor Kraskin
ENC 101
5 November 2014 Burning the Dangers of Censorship in your Mind; Review of Fahrenheit 451 The Universal Pictures Fahrenheit 451 was made in 1966 by director Francois Truffaut. The lead was played by Oskar Werner who plays Guy Montag. While the film making quality compared with today’s big budget films is sub-par, the film more than makes up for the low quality with superb use of camera to capture themes and references related to the book. The acting delivers a spot on approach to Fahrenheit 451 while providing entertainment and a quality plot. The movie delivers on the theme of censorship and its dangers if government is allowed to run amuck in society. The movie develops and improves the point that books are not for survival, they are a pathway or transcendence and an avenue for free thinking and new ideas. Camera and acting are ahead of its time in this futuristic sci-fi film adapted from the book of Ray Bradbury written and published circa 1953.
The film opens with a description of uniform and duties of the fireman. Unlike today’s fireman who fights fires and uses his ability to protect people from fire, the firemen of the future uses fire to burn books and imprint censorship on society. As the plot progresses we are introduced to Guy Montag. He is a fireman who is beginning to question what he does. The film uses Cyril Cusack as Captain Beatty the fire chief. He uses his job to try to convince firemen to burn books. Fahrenheit…

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