Essay about Bullying Is A Long Term And Short Term Effects Of Bullying

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Bullying is defined as using superior strength or influence to intimidate another person, and this is a huge issue among kids throughout the world. “90% of 4th thorough 8th graders reported being victims of bullying” (NBMBD). Kids should be able to feel safe and secure each day and not have to worry about what’s lurking behind every corner. Bullying has been a long time practice by people of all ages, and there are several factors to bullying such as the different types of bullying, why people bully and why certain people are targeted more than others, also the long term and short term effects that bullying can leave on a person. Bullying can take place in many different forms. In todays world there are several different types of bullying that that place especially with the new electronics. The most common forms of bullying are physical, verbal, indirect, and cyber bullying. Physical bullying consists of hitting, kicking, punching, scratching, etc. Any physical attack on another person is physical bullying. Verbal bullying would be name calling, insulting, making rude remarks about some ones race or sexuality. This is often used by groups of people to bully others. Indirect bullying is anytime a person excludes someone from a social group, or spreads untrue rumors. This is one of the most common forms of bullying in high school. Cyber bullying is any type of bullying that is carried out through electronics. This seems one of the most popular types of bullying because a…

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