Essay Budding Entrepreneurship And Early Start Ups

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From entrepreneurial intention to nascent ventures: Theory of Planned Behavior explaining the process from intention to nascent entrepreneurship and early start-ups
What is the advantage of adding nascent entrepreneurs as the bridging element between intentions and early start-up behavior?

The principal contribution of this literature review is to present TPB in the context of entrepreneurship explaining precedent intentions and subsequent behavior explaining early start-up stages

Despite the fact that entrepreneurs date back to traders and merchants in New Guinea around 17,000 BCE, the field of entrepreneurship has echoed deeper at the end of the XX century until the present. We refer to global economies resting sure that entrepreneurs can and will find creative ways to alleviate major socio-economic and cultural struggles around the world. For instance, it is believed that entrepreneurs not only come up with creative and innovative solutions to problems, but also they are the ones who push the economy forward by producing sustainable ventures with sustainable jobs. (“The History of Entrepreneurship”, 2014),
In academic cycles there is proliferate research stream on Entrepreneurship Intentions (EI), Entrepreneurship Behavior and personal and environmental factors that can play an important role in affecting the final outcome of entrepreneurship. Many scholars and experts offer their work, empirical analysis, and cross- fielded research, to add onto the…

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