Bottled Water vs. Tap Essay

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Explanatory Essay: Bottled Water or Tap Water?

There are articles, flyers, and even books out in the market that try to persuade people to either use bottled water or tap water. While many believe that tap water is more beneficial to the body, others believe that the convenience and advertising of purified bottled water is acceptable enough for themselves. As we consume water, we concern ourselves with issues such as if it is harmful to the environment, if it is harmful to our health and whether the product is convenient for us. Ultimately, the choice is personal because both sides provide pros and cons to these issues. In our world, pollution is a common factor to the deterioration this planet is facing. Water bottles, when not
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First and foremost, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), regulates bottled water. When the FDA regulates water, they go through the process of making sure that water meets the adequate standards for the safety of the customers (Olson). Bottled water must be tested for coliform once a week in order to maintain cleanliness. It is very reassuring to know that if any type of bottled water contamination is found it will be recalled or properly cleansed again. Even though bottled water is being regulated periodically, it isn’t always as safe as the bottled water companies make it seem. In an online article entitled, “The Big Secret Commercial Water Companies Hope You Never Discover”, it states, “…40 percent of bottled water is regular tap water, which may or may not have received any additional treatment.” (Mercola). As far as the bottle itself being of any benefit to the product, it isn’t. Plastic bottles contain chemicals that can become harmful to humans who reuse the plastic bottle. Polyethylene terephthalate is already adapted into the container, however, if it is reused you are more likely to ingest different chemicals, such as, DEHA (Bis (2-ethylhexyl) adipate), a human carcinogen, and BBP (enzyl butyl phthalate), a potential hormone disputer. (Kelly). While some choose to reuse their plastic bottles, others stay on the less risky side and use

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