Booking A Flight For A Travel Agent Essay

841 Words Nov 18th, 2014 4 Pages
Twenty years ago, booking a flight required a visit to a travel agent. Today, the decision to go on a vacation can happen minutes before the flights departure. Arriving at the hotel looks different as well. You used to ask the concierge for restaurant, entertainment, and route recommendations. Now you consult the same smartphone you purchased your plane ticket with. Standing in the rain trying to fetch a taxi? The app, Uber, lets you hire a private driver with the press of a button. While in the car, you make a reservation at your favorite restaurant on Opentable. Hotel reservations, taxi rides, and restaurants are not the only services to change as technology progresses, but the way service is provided is changing as well. In the early age of the Internet, it was common for news outlets to speculate on the future the big, multi-national corporations, Fortune 500 companies, and governments, would create. These organizations, armed with millions of dollars and armies of experts were poised to harness this new technology for incredible financial gain. However, the Internet, instead, lowered the barriers of entry for most industries. Before the internet, it was extremely difficult for a company to make a product or service available to individuals across the country and all over the world. Some companies, like Amazon and Barns & Noble, simply created online versions of their real world storefronts. Other’s established means for individuals to do business with other…

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