Body Dysmorphia And Media Exposure Essay examples

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As an ever-increasing number of youth and adolescents are gaining access to the internet, the time has come to take a step back to reflect on the potential hazards that this type of exposure can have on the human psyche. In order to investigate an issue as multi-faceted as this however, one must first start with a single aspect - an analogous geodesic, if you will. Given the abundance of research on the topic, investigating the potential links between body dysmorphia and media exposure seems a logical place to start

In an article written by Kasey Serdar, it is claimed that "frequent magazine reading [is] consistently correlated with higher levels of body dissatisfaction and disturbed eating" in young women, and that "women who viewed music videos that contained thin models [experience] increased levels of negative mood and body image disturbance", leading to "decreased satisfaction with their own bodies, a strong desire to be thinner, and disordered eating behavior". The theory presented by Serdar to explain these correlations argues that through the effects of social comparison, cultivation and self-schema, consumers of popular media become ever-more dissatisfied with their own bodies, as a result of being visually bombarded by a barrage of unrealistic models (as the media exists to make profits and, as the old adage goes, ‘sex sells’) who they come to view as the norm. As a direct result of this shift in perception, the young women go to ever more drastic lengths in an…

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