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General Background Information:
CMS Systems, Inc. is a company that provides information systems consulting services to companies in the telecom industry in the United States and the United Kingdom. Due to its success, CMS is hoping to expand its operations into other parts of Europe. Despite its large size, CMS currently uses a manual/spreadsheet-based process for maintaining employee and client data. Management has now decided
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Any amounts over 40 hours per week are not billable, but are considered discounted hours.
For T&M contracts, the rate per hour for each consultant is determined by the employee’s level of expertise. For example, a client pays $100/hour for an employee who is at the level of Systems Analyst I. That same client pay $250/hour for an employee designated as a Manager II.
T&M and Fixed Price contracts are the only two types of contracts currently used by CMS.
All CMS employees must keep a record of the time they spend working for each client on a weekly basis. Because employees can work for more than one client and perform different functions for each client, CMS utilizes “project management” to keep track of employee assignments to client contracts. Employees can be assigned to work on more than one project at a given time. In fact, it is not unusual for an employee to spend time on two or more different projects within the same day.
Just as a client can have more than one contract with CMS, a contract can consist of more than one project. For example, a contract for the development of a new system could be fulfilled in multiple phases. Phase I could include implementation at one client site using a group of consultants in close proximity to that site. Phase II could include implementation at a different site with a potentially different set of consultants. Both of these phases are considered separate projects, even

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