Essay on Black Roads : The Dispute Of Race, Class, And Gender

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Black Roads: The Dispute of Race, Class, and Gender in American Settings
African Americans have helped shaped American literature, art, and culture effectively and with great effort. The roads taken to reach a manifested destination were often brutal yet uplifting. Our technique, creativity, knowledge, and fundamentals have been discredited and manipulated by an entity of a system yet still; notable African Americans writers and artist have managed to break barriers and chains of facets in a divided country separated by race, class, and gender.
Race in America is no foreign subject. Its controversial disposition and callous meaning can lead to discrimination on uncharacterized levels. When dealing with race, “One would think that Americans, of all people, would understand the power of enculturation and the rapidity with which ethnic characteristics and conscious can change. But the force of the racial worldview prevents the cognitive acceptance of their implications.” (Smedley 32) This mindset has made it quite difficult and altering for African Americans in such to conquest their brilliance in American settings.
Race is a colossal factor in the reigning movements of literature, art, and culture. In the cases of gender and class discrimination, it may be more feasible for one to attempt to reach great heights while “Racism, on the other hand, engulfs an ideology that does not require the presence of empirically determinable cultural differences.”(Smedley 33). The ideology…

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