Essay about Beowulf : An Epic Of Its Time

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Who is that I see walking through the wood? Is it a savage, feral wolf whose teeth yearn for my human blood, or is it a bloodthirsty, menacing Dane who lusts for my bloody death on his axe’s blade? The time of the Anglo-Saxons was one of blood and ultimate gore as they tore through history with a vengeance, a perfect example of this is the Danish epic Beowulf. Cloaked, and probably “be-daggered” in anonymity, Beowulf is without an official author, but that does not mar its continued fame in literature today. The ideal epic of its time period, Beowulf features an Anglo-Saxon horde of characters who never relinquish their grasp on a their fearsome statuses, and a lionhearted hero, Beowulf, whose valhalla, or perhaps heaven given powers prove too mighty for the menacing Grendel, Grendel’s Mother, and the Dragon. Beowulf was an epic that combined the magical, and alluring realism of the Viking, Danish, Anglo-Saxon, Pictish, Geatish, and British cultures together, melding together their fearsome, war-venerating lifestyles with the bravery, and determination of their warriors, and ultimately creating a champion of their causes with the inhuman skills they so desired. Beowulf was created by a mysterious author under circumstances we do not know, to canvas the bravery bordering on doltishness, religious upheaval that was a civil war in the minds of these cultures, and the nonpareil beauty of the devoted warriors of these Anglo-Saxon times, all to create an everlasting story of…

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