Essay Benefits Of Retiring After Retiring

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The main factors that are involved in the decision to retire are based on the individual that is retiring. It also depends on if the person is married or single, what age they are, and if they are ready for retirement. When older adults transform into retirement, it can involve a fast adjustment that transforms a person’s social world, relationships, and daily routines. The good things about retirement are the older adult has more time to spend with their loved ones. They also are able to reduce the amount of stress from the work place. In order for an older adult to decide they want to retire they need to make sure that by having an advance plan it can give a higher satisfaction to older adults when they retire. It is also said that people who are married have a more positive attitude in retirement and are more able to adapt to retirement life. A big part in the decision to retire is beyond the control of the individual. Other factors of when older adults think about retiring is because the rules of the job they currently work at, the meaning of work to them, how their health is doing, how much income they currently have, and family responsibilities they have to take on. There are two types of retirement, voluntary and involuntary retirement. Voluntary retirement is when people want to retire, involuntary is when people do not want to retire, they were forced out because of health situations or they lost their jobs. Even though mandatory retirement has been abolished,…

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