Benefits Of Keeping An Employee Within An Organization Essay

1481 Words Nov 21st, 2014 6 Pages
Reasons like, compensation, benefits, co-workers, management, field of interest, or flexibility just to name a few could be some of the reasons that keep an employee within an organization. When an employee is happy, it is because they are fulfilled with their job. This enhances the nature of their work and productivity. However, the level of job satisfaction for employees’ does not always rely solemnly on the company or the Human Resource department but on the employees’ as well.
Job satisfaction pertains to each person differently. Similarly, the definition of success differs in everyone as well, whether or not someone is successful, it depends on how that individual views success (Haden). It is based on an individual’s overall happiness with their well being let alone their job. It is more so a mental attitude of what one may feel is satisfying to them. It is natural for us humans to not feel content with the current level of achievement and once an individual has obtained a certain goal, they hardly take the time to live in that moment before jumping towards the next thing. When it comes to feeling satisfied, we usually want what we don’t have or are always looking for more. It is impossible to fulfill each employee at 100 percent, however there are factors that needs to be taken into consideration for each employee and it is the employer duties to carefully prioritize these factors into making the working environment more enjoyable and satisfying to the employees’.

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