Beauty and the Beast Essay

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Beauty and the Beast is a wonderful children’s movie, its directed by: Gary Trousdale, and Kirk Wise, and produced by: Don Hahn. Disney is the main sponsor and gives the movie the best cast of artist and musicians. Who would except anything else from Disney, they are the best at children’s films. At the same time, Disney succeeds in teaching our children a very vital lesson in life, how good looks and fame is not the key to true love.
Marian Belle is the main character, she lives with her father who is considered by the town a loony man therefore, Belle is also looked upon the town as being a little out of the ordinary. Even so, she is the most beautiful girl in the town, her name means beauty and it is shown with her wonderful
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Not to mention, how the men ordered around the women like slaves. I totally disagree with this way of life and think Disney should have thought greatly before displaying such difference between women and men. Similarly, you have a scene with a widow holding about four kids begging a man for six cents in which the man was just shoving her off like a dog or cat. After all, this is just the first scene in the movie. Personally I never realized this horrible display of feminism until I paid a little closer attention to what is going on around the main characters.
Meanwhile, as Belle is finishing her walk through the chauvinistic town, Justin jumps in font of her grasping the book she was peacefully reading and says “Its not right for a women to read then they start to get ideas and thinking.” If this were a statement made by a stubborn political figure back in the 1800’s I would understand because that was just how things tend to work back then. However, this is a movie written in the 1990’s for children to watch seventy years after women got the vote and were recognized to be equal to men. Nonetheless, I probably doubt that most children who view this movie look at it in a chauvinistic way but if they did recognize the feminism towards women it would upset them. Adults on the other hand, pick up on these inessential parts of the movie and are struck with disappointment.

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