Battle of the Sexes Essay

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Battle of the Sexes
The word “gap” is defined as a wide divergence or difference. For as long as time has existed, there has been great tension between the sexes. This is a problem in the US due to the inequality of salary with gender, race/ethnicity, and education. This salary gap is nearly impossible to avoid, even though women have spent the time and hard work with education and dedication to their job, just as men have. Women have improved in these areas to receive high position and equality with men in the work force. However, even though they have kept their heads down and played by the rules, women still have somehow come up short and, their pay remains less than men’s pay.
The earnings and income of men and women differ on many
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While many Americans tend to believe whites have a Nazi German mentality, we found out that this is not true in all cases. When looking at the data, it is clear that Asians tend to stand out. Both Asian men and Asian women have a greater percentage in salary earnings than whites, blacks, and Latinos. When looking at the individuals, no difference is apparent between men and women, but when it comes to reality, money speaks because men always earn more than women.
A higher education leads to greater salaries and a better finically stable life; that’s a given. The wages for women that have a college degree has increased by 28.5% since 1979 compared to a 17.4% increase for males with degrees. How much knowledge can you retain from what you’re learning? How many degrees do you have? Will these determine where you will be in life? For these women that have made a major turn around and are full time workers neither the degree, nor the school attended, make a difference: men earn more than women, even if the women are more qualified.
No matter how much time passes, situations do not always tend to get better. Change of educational status doesn’t always mean it will affect getting a better job. Some women may never have the courage or care to addresses such subjects; people simply accept the status quo. This economic gap between men and women has seen no resolution. The study shows that even when

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