Basic Of Assessment The Four Reasons Why We Assess Children 's Development And Learning

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Based on this week’s reading assignment titled Basic of Assessment the four reasons why we assess children are (McAfee, et al.):
1. To monitor children’s development and learning. As early childhood educators we able to find out where children are in “particular aspects of growth, development, and learning-individually or as a group” (McAfee, et al, 2004. P.6). The information we gather assist us to identify the child’s strengths and needs. For instance, if at the beginning of the school year I observe that several children are having trouble understanding of taking turns. I will model and plan activities that will introduce them to turn taking. For example at the sensory table I will put a sign that says two with two children sitting down. Next, to this sign I will have name cards in a pouch. The two children that want a turn will put their names on the picture card. If more than two children are interest in this activity I will have a waiting list.
2. To guide our planning and decision making. Based on the information I gather regarding the children’s strengths and needs I am able to plan and make decision that will support their individual needs. For instance, if I find that some children are behind in language development I will plan interesting ways to help them. For example, I will read with children, using common words, poems, songs, and stories in children’s home languages. Also at meal time I will engage with the children in conversation. I will also…

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