Essay about Augustus, A Great Leader And A Prolific Man

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Joseph Yam
Augustus was a great leader, and a prolific man. He was able to unite Rome and bring peace to the state. Without him Rome may have ended a long time before it originally ended. Augustus was able to rule for 41 years with minimal resistance. Augustus feared facing the same fate Julius Caesar faced. This pushed his advisors to devise a way to keep Augustus ruling and safe at the same time. He allowed the common man to speak about him negatively, which gave them freedom of speech. This allowed the people to gain trust and admiration for him. He saw himself as one of the people, which secured his safety from them. Augustus also changed the senate in order to give himself more power. According to Augustus he had established a sort of democracy, eliminated crime, and took care of his people’s needs. An argument arises when Tacitus claimed that Augustus had become a tyrant indirectly by bribing the people with peace and food, and he brought corruption to the system (Mellor 81).
Augustus feared what the people would have done if they found out how he was controlling every aspect of Roman life. This was to benefit the people of Rome and also to some extent it `would benefit him by giving him a more or less unchallenged power over Rome. There were planned attempts on his life, which ultimately failed. Augustus and his political advisors came up with a system to tax the people, and give them certain honors. They made the people of Rome seem patriotic because they…

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