Attachment Influences On Forming Intimate Relationships Essay

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Attachment Affects on Forming Intimate Relationships Tidwell, Reis, and Shaver (1996) developed a research hypothesis around the idea of four major parts of social relationships: intimacy, support, satisfaction, and physical attractiveness and how styles of attachment affect the types of relationships formed. The styles of attachment include avoidant, anxious-ambivalent, and secure. Taking a sample of 125 people they categorized them into attachment styles and then determined the quality of their social interactions. These results showed that secure attachment styles felt the most positive about social interactions while avoidant attachment had the most negative emotions towards interactions. It can be concluded from an earlier discussion on familial relationships that those developed at an early age will ultimately affect the attachment style of adults and its correlation with their social behavior. Therefore, the formation of romantic relationships is heavily influenced on the attachment behavior and personality of the participant. Research found that “In comparison with secure and anxious-avoidant individuals, avoidant individuals in opposite-sex interactions reported significantly lower levels of intimacy, enjoyment, and positive emotion; marginally lower levels of promotive interaction, and significantly higher levels of negative emotion” (Tidwell, Reis, & Shaver, 1996, p. 741). Once attachment behavior has been recognized and relationships formed the aspects of…

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