Essay on As1 Subject Knowledge Plan

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AS1 – Self-assessment plan. Critically reflect on and systematically plan for subject knowledge development for the appropriate phase.
Priorities Actions When and Resources Success Criteria
Phonics - To develop confidence in regards to the teaching of phonics. 1. Use different types of media to inform my understanding of phonics. (YouTube)
2. Observe phonics teaching in KS1.
3. Obtain phonics teaching policy and review the phonics scheme that the school uses to teach phonics.
4. Read DfE core criteria key features for an effective systematic synthetic phonics teaching programme.
5. Identify key phonics vocabulary in NC.
6. Read academic and practitioner literature on effective phonics teaching. 1. Every weekend use the internet
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3. During week beginning 19.10.15. Meet with profile child after they have written an extended piece of literacy.

4. Autumn term daily. Lesson plans include key vocabulary and I am able to explain different types of SPAG knowledge.
Actions are all completed on time.
Subject knowledge tracker moved from ‘some confidence’ to ‘confident’.

Teaching Reading - Word reading and comprehension. 1. Undertake small guided reading sessions with a group of children.

2. Create a reading club at school to discuss books.

3. Read aloud to someone at home for 10 minutes a night. Other person to ask questions.

4. Observe guided reading sessions.

5. Observe phonics sessions that focus on how blending is incorporated 1. Every day during teacher’s session. Plan questions relating to assessment focus.

2. At school, once a week during lunchtime. Focus on one book.

3. Two nights a week at home.

4. In KS1 and KS2 to understand how it progresses through the school. 1 per-week.

5. In KS1 and KS2 to understand how it progresses through the school. 1 per-week. Become confident in teaching a guided reading session to the whole class which incorporates questions for each assessment focus. (AF’s)
Understand how phonics impacts on a child’s word recognition and language comprehension.
Use book club to read with different age groups (KS1 and KS2) to broaden knowledge of literature.
Subject knowledge tracker moves from ‘some confidence’

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