Are Universities And Colleges Really Monopolistic? Essays

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Are Universities and Colleges Really Monopolistic? The idea circling around most eighteen year old young adults is the hypothetical question “How am I going to afford to put myself through college?” Looking back now, I can say that I definitely felt that way at that age and it definitely made me curious on several issues. It isn’t a hidden secret that college is expensive. Most of us by the age of eighteen understand that we are going to compile a large sum of debt while putting ourselves through what may seem like an impossible task of getting a degree. So is the idea of putting yourself in debt worth the hard work and dedication required to become a professional in your field of study? The cost of tuition is only on the increase for new students and it has been cemented into young adult’s brains that if they want to be successful, they must achieve a degree from a higher institution of learning in order to ensure a successful future. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average cost for public undergraduate tuition, room, and board was 14,300 dollars and 37,800 dollars for private schools in 2013 (Tuition Costs” 1). This is the average cost of tuition per year. Most students set out with desires to receive a bachelor’s degree which, on average, requires four years to complete. A misconception by many is that the cost of tuition for the first year will remain constant for the rest of the time at the particular institution. However, this idea…

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