Essay on Are Streaming Services Good For The Music Industry?

924 Words Nov 24th, 2014 4 Pages
To pose the question, “are streaming services good for the music industry?” you have to look at the stance of the music industry. It can’t be taken entirely from perspective of the consumer. Myself being a consumer of music, a poor one at that, I’d take the opposite perspective of what I’m about to state. I do not think streaming services are good for the music industry… but I do think it’s a start! If you look at the music industry as a whole across the world, it’s been on a large decline in the past 14 years or so. It’s gone from a 40 billion dollar industry to just 16 billion. Record sales are generally on a decline due to piracy and other easy access methods of obtaining music freely. As record companies fold and merge, a new method brought about from the new digital age is legal music streaming. It’s become the radio of the new age, as we can listen to almost anything we want at the computer without paying a dime and without infringing any copyrights. All we have to put up with is maybe hearing about Orville who works at Whataburger a few times. From the consumer’s standpoint, it’s a great time to love music! We can discover and listen to thousands of artists and groups we’d never have discovered through the radio or at our local clubs. But just as soon as we give Joe Schmo and the Garage Rats a dozen plays or so, we can easily forget and move on to the next artist. It defeats any true possible revenue for the groups that way and feeds our growing ADHD-like mindset…

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