Essay about Arapahoe Case Study

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Roseann Rimocal
Araphoe Pharmaceuticals
Case Study Project / Presentation

Some of the key issues result from John’s inability to comprehend the difference between sales representative and a sales manager. He was overly enthusiastic about his position and disregarded Phil Jackson’s tips on how to be successful as a sales manager. Sales managers must be multi-taskers who plan, organize and lead the functions of all customer contact and ensures that these methods of contact maximize the profit and sales goals of the company which hires them. A salesperson is responsible only for his/her own territory – a sales manager is responsible for the entire sales force and their productivity and revenue that
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Larry was definitely a likeable person. All of his clients liked him, his colleagues liked him, and basically anyone he crossed paths with seemed to love his personality. His downfall – he lacked the product knowledge and the scientific communication skills that the job required. Upon completing sales training, the sales training manager did not give a good report on Larry, which is where John should have cut all ties. Instead, he proceeded to coach and drill Larry extensively, taking time away from getting to know the ins and outs of his more productive sales reps and working with them. It had been months before John could get back on the field with his above average sales reps, months that could have been spared should he have realized his mistake sooner and let Larry go a while ago. He compromised the company standards and overlooked questionable areas just to fill a position quickly – now, it will take twice as long because he has to find a replacement for Larry.
SOLUTION: John eventually caught up to speed and was able to hire a replacement, Peggy Doyle. She was doing everything right for her region and was extremely productive. On top of that, she was infecting the other sales reps with her enthusiasm. He still had to spend even more time checking references and processing Peggy, but he felt that he made the right choice hiring her as part of the team.

John handled the situation with

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