Appiah And Cosmopolitanism Argument : World Of Strangers And The Ethic Of Identity

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Appiah and Cosmopolitanism Argument
“Not because Socrates has said it, but because it is really in my nature, and perhaps a little more than it should be, I look upon all humans as my fellow-citizens, and would embrace a Pole as I would a Frenchman, subordinating this national tie to the common and universal one.”
(Montaigne, 1533–1592)

When reflecting on Appiah Cosmopolitanism Argument; I was embraced in the idea of how the world has evolved through centuries. Appiah has written two books on cosmopolitanism: Ethics in World of Strangers and The Ethic of Identity previous to this brief segment of what is shared in Examine Life: Excursions with Contemporary Thinkers, written by Astra Taylor. Appiah throughout this chapter explores the different meanings for globalization, cosmopolitanism, culture, religion, values, and old philosophies; and discusses his own personal experiences and background. When addressing globalization Appiah states “it is a word used to describe many processes.”1) is a process that took us from being humans who lived in the bands of people, to being global species.” (Appiah, 2009, pp.89). 2)It is also used to talk about economic processes, some that date back to the fiftenth and ninetenth century.” (Appiah, 2009, pp.89). “It is used most to talk about the fact that we live in a world that is connected by imformation.”(Appiah 2009, pp.89). When understanding the different meanings associated to the word “globalization” it is important to relize…

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