Animal Testing Should Not Be Banned Essay

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Animal Testing
Animal testing is a controversial issue that has been occurring in the United States for many years. Over 100 million animals are used for every year for chemical, drug, food, and cosmetic testing. These animals are kept in poor living conditions and experience pain and suffering. Animal testing is wrong and unethical and alternative methods exist that could help prevent this testing.
The way animal testing is exercised in America today is inhumane. Everyday hundreds of thousands of mice, rats, primates, cats, dogs, birds and other animals are used for testing. Animals used for testing are often times abused and neglected. They spent most of there lives locked up in cold, dark cages without the freedom to run around or go outside. Many times they are physically retrained for long periods of time or deprived of necessary food and water. Animals used in testing are subjected to things such as forced feeding and inhalation, infestation of insects, infliction of wounds and burns to study healing process, injected of drugs, disease and chemicals, blindness, bone breaking and intentional killing. Many of these tests cause the animals extreme pain and suffering (Animal Testing 101). The US Department of Agriculture stated that “In 2010, 97,123 animals suffered pain during experiments while being given no anesthesia for relief” (US Department of Agriculture). Animals experience feelings of pain and suffering the same ways that humans do. In fact, chimpanzees…

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