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Intro to Film Study
Film Analysis of Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction is a movie that seems to have multiple stories being told almost simultaneously. Some will say it is about two hit men or a boxer, but the truth is there is no story behind the film. The whole purpose of the film is to parody every type of film movement created. This film leaves no movement out. The director, Quentin Tarantino, uses the film’s formal properties to express larger themes.
First of all, Quentin Tarantino somewhat sticks to the classic Hollywood System for editing. Tarantino does not seem to cross the axis of action. However, there are times when the director breaks with the classic Hollywood System for editing and one way he does this is by having a
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She is constantly smoking and seems to be tempting towards Vincent. Her make-up shows that she hides her true motives, so it is very hard to trust her. The lighting in most of these scenes was shot in low-key lighting, which is another aspect of noir style. One example of this is at the restaurant. For a public place, it is very dimly place. Also, the scene where the boss’s wife overdoses on Vincent’s drugs, he takes her to his drug dealer’s house, which also dimly lit. However, since Tarantino is utilizing other film movements, most scenes are very well lit. Also, Mia is not entirely a femme-fetale due to the fact that she does not really attempt to seduce Vincent and she also tells jokes. That would give her a more melodramatic quality. Also, it seems that Jules at the end of the film develops a moral base after he believes God saves him from gunshots.
Another style imitated in the film was surrealism. One example of this occurs in the scene where Mia takes Vincent to a Fifties style restaurant. The director uses mostly medium and long shots, mostly to prevent us from really identifying with Mia or Vincent. In other words, he does not want the audience to get too close to them there. This scene also has expressionist qualities to it, mostly the set design. In the restaurant, there are tables shaped like cars and the waitresses were dressed like famous celebrities from the Fifties. This setting is almost dreamlike and

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