Analyzing Messages Essay

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Analyzing Messages
COMM/470 Dwight Fryer
University of Phoenix
August 10, 2015
Dawn McDowell

Analyzing Messages

The skills of being able to write, receive, and send a message requires communication as well as awareness by the sender and receiver. The sender should always be aware of the tone of the message they are writing and if the point of the message is made clear. The receiver should be open to feedback, which is either negative or positive; they should also be able to distinguish the difference between them. When sending and receiving messages, communication is very important. How a message are created and received will determine how others will perceive it when they are reading. Raffoni (2009), "Framing is the essence
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Given the nature of this e-mail, I believe this e-mail was created and sent in a very professional manner. The sender did not give out any unnecessary personal details of the employee, as far as to the reason the e-mail was being sent. She did not make any personal remarks or offer any personal opinions about the employee. The sender got the message across without coming seeming to be mad or upset but yet was still serious. I did not reply back to this e-mail; however I think the form of technology used was perfect for the purpose of getting this message to everyone at once and promptly.

Message #2
This message was an e-mail I sent to management at my job asking for specific dates off to take my vacation. In this message I stated which dates I would like to take off and also which dates I would be returning to work. This way there would be no misunderstandings, and they would be able to cover my shifts accordingly. There was feedback with this e-mail, as the manager sent back a reply that the dates I had picked were available for my vacation. Her message back to me was short and to the point.

I think that in using e-mail and because it was work related that the message and technology were both appropriate. Even though this was in a way a personal e-mail, it was still business related as it had to do with work and when I would be able to work. Using e-mail

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