Essay about Analysis : One Man 's Meat

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The statement “One man’s meat is another man’s scarcity” provokes a lot of thought and raises many relevant questions. The statement can be interpreted in a number of different ways, but I myself interpret it meaning that what one man might consider sufficient another man may consider insufficient. The statement is put in terms of food and begs the question is this about perceptions of diet and scale, this perception could be taken further and contextualised as a comparison between developed western civilisations and the rest of the world.
The population of the UK grew to 64.1 million in mid-2013, this is a gain from the previous year of mid-2012 of 400,600 (0.63%). The UK’s population has increased by 5 million since 2001, and by more than 10 million since 1964. Office for National Statistics ONS Population (2014) This unsustainable increase in population in the UK also similarly reflects the situation in other western developed countries such as the USA, France, and Germany etc. it is predicted that these populations will continue to increase. The overwhelming increase in population in the west has put stress on many resources, food being one of them. The Agriculture and farming industry is struggling to keep up with the high demand. These issues will get even worse as the population continues to increase.
“Consumption of meat and milk, driven by population increase, urbanisation and rising incomes in developing countries, is forecast to increase faster than that for any…

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