Analysis Of ' The Second Stage ' And Beyond Gender ' All Of Which Were Written By Betty Friedan

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My paper is going to be a critical analysis about “It Changed My Life”, “The Second Stage”, and “Beyond Gender” all of which were written by Betty Friedan. Betty Friedan is an activist, feminist, and…… Friedan fought for many things such as 5) the change in education, home, and work place 1) women’s rights 2) how she changed the perspective of not only women’s but also men’s view on how women should be treated. 3) the women’s right to choose. The right to choose for not only their living and workplace, but what is right to their bodies. I will go into detail about abortion and her view on abortion. 4) mindsets of women from her novels between the1960s to the 1980s. From the time of women having plenty of free time, to women not having enough free time. Many women during this era, did not want to be like their mothers, and Betty Friedan was one of them. Women play such an important role in our society that they should be given everything a man is given. Women still to this day are fighting for the same rights as men. Although many people have fought for women’s right, still to this day we are lacking some rights as women and we still need to continue to fight for equality. However, thanks to Betty Friedan for opening up many people’s eyes to the problem that people did not know existed and for having a voice to stand up to the world and going outside the norm of society.
She fought to change the education, home, and workplace During the 1950s, many women did not have a say…

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