Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Black Hearts '

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The Black Hearts Brigade Jim Frederick’s book Black Hearts brings to light one of the darkest moments of the Iraq war and teaches valuable lessons in regards to becoming an Army officer. The lessons learned from this book and these soldiers both good and bad could guide us as future leaders and help us prevent a travesty like this from reoccurring. This story tells us the true story of the Mahmudiah Killings through first hand accounts of troops on the ground. Those troops belonging to the 82nd AIRBORNE’s 502nd Infantry Regiment’s Black Heart Brigade. The Black Heart’s area of operation was in the infamous Triangle of Death, which contained the cities and towns of Mahmudiah, Yusufiyah, Iskandariyah, and Latifiyah. As the name indicates, these men were in one of the most if not the most dangerous area of Iraq. Being in the Triangle of Death the Black Hearts lost many men and lived in substandard conditions even for a soldier, this caused moral to be low. The death toll of the 502nd grew weekly and as these men were attacked daily in every imaginable form, from rockets, mortars, IEDs, and small arms fire. With the long(12 month) deployment, loss of life, poor living conditions, and low moral the leadership began to fold leading to an event which gave the army a black eye and embarrassed service-members everywhere. There were many factors that lead to the failure in leadership and the eventual actions of Sergeant Cortez, Specialist Baker, Private First Class Howard, and…

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