Analysis Of The Book ' Scottsboro ' By Ellen Feldman Essay

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The book Scottsboro by Ellen Feldman is set in the early 1930’s during a time that would later be called the Great Depression. Several people, three whites and one black, are on a train in Alabama. The people in the group are all poor, young, and powerless. The group does not expect anything major to happen, but it does when a white person steps on the hand of a black. This is where the story begins. It all starts when Carolina Slim, otherwise known as Orville Gilley, was making his way to the back of the train. On his way he steps on the hand of a black boy. The black boy said nothing and Carolina kept on going. When he reached the back of the train, he turned around and started toward the other end, and purposely stepped on the hand of the black boy. The colored boy got made and yelled, “The next time you want by just tell me you want by and I let you by” and Carolina replied with “Nigger, I don’t ask you when I want by.” This began the fight. The word fighting quickly turned into fist fighting. The fight quickly evolves and just about everyone on the train is fighting, white and black. After a while the white boys were leaving, either being thrown off the moving train, or jumping. All of them threating and cussing. Carolina was the last white boy left on the train. He was about to be threw off when a couple of colors grabbed him and pulled him back on. After this, peace seemed to take over the train, for now. As they are moving on down the track a sign passes,…

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